Details of Jhulelal Temple & other temples managed by Sindhis

In the most difficult years post partition, The scattered Sindhis rallied and come togather with divine blessings of Assanjo Ishtdev Jhulelal. Today Sindhis are losing touch with their own language, culture and identity, Lord Jhulelal will definitely bless the Sindhis to come togather A jhulelal temple automatically becomes a centre for positive social activities for Sindhis of all ages.

It is the urgent need of the hour to collect and upload information of all Jhulelal Mandirs in India and abroad. We can also add information about new Jhulelal mandirs coming up,where Sindhis can contribute and participate The information received will be scrutinized and uploaded on the website and same will be available for the benefit of all Sindhis

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